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Health and Wellness for EMS

As an EMS professional, the focus of care on others may lead you to put your own health on the backburner. To perform your best at work, you must be at optimal health and wellness, especially when traumatic experiences and bodily hazards impact your daily routine. Courses like Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders, Provider Well-Being, and Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure will help you take necessary precautions to ensure you are healthy in every way.

Course Name Course Description Length
Crossfit: A Fitness Program Well-Suited to EMS Professionals Kris Kaull describes the challenge and benefits of the Crossfit training program. Crossfit combines strength, endurance, aerobic, and flexibility exercises into a functional fitness routine. 15m
Maintain a Safe Scene Steve Whitehead discusses methods to ensure a safe scene. 5m
Marijuana Use After watching this video, the viewer will be able to explain why even in states that have legalized marijuana use it may still be illegal for healthcare workers and why it is still not a good idea to use marijuana, regardless of legalization or not. 5m
Provider Well-Being This video block course covers a multitude of topics about provider well-being, including, maintaining a safe scene, as well as PTSD and how you are affected as an EMT. 1h
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure The far-reaching consequences of the deadly opioid overdose epidemic are putting emergency responders at risk of injury and illness. This one hour course features a panel of EMS and law enforcement experts that will explain the actual versus perceived risks of opioid exposures to emergency responders, how to recognize a scene contaminated by fentanyl and describe appropriate PPE for emergency responders to protect themselves from acute illness or injury. 1h
Tactical Yoga for EMS In this video, Olivia Kvitne discusses Tactical Yoga for First Responders which can be described as a practical and sustainable skill set for self-regulation to build resiliency and increase performance. 10m

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