“We have 84 squads under our medical direction, and we use [EMS1 Academy] to deliver the same consistent training message across our health system. We use the EMS training to review and test our protocols to get a consistent message. We also have enrolled the fire programs… to help fulfill the need for fire training for the fire chiefs under our medical direction.”

Dan Ellenberger, Dir., EMS Institute, University Hospitals EMS Training & Disaster Preparedness Institute

“[EMS1 Academy’s] Medic Monthly has revolutionized on-duty training for EMS professionals. It is the best on-duty educational series I have ever seen!”

Dr. Bryan Bledsoe, DO, EMT-P, EMS Physician, Author, Professor – Midlothian, TX

“As an educator, the constant challenge of connecting with a student is quite difficult. The Medic Monthly videos allow our institution to show educationally reliable content in a video form to reinforce lectures the students have already had. We instituted the videos a year ago and have had excellent responses from the instructors and students. We look forward to seeing next month’s.”

Bill McGrath, NREMT-P, Director of South Campuses, Florida Medical Training Institute

“Thank you for your effort to help me access the website. I have purchased credits today and chose a course. I love the video action because it gives me a sense of how to approach and act. I found the website very effective and I will inform my colleagues and friends to visit it. I specially thank you for your help, and I thank the people who put this website together.”

Mohammed Al Makrami, NREMT-P, Saudi Aramco Medical Services, Saudi Arabia

“Medic Monthly has excellent video footage that is specific to several topics we cover in class. The title of each videomakes it easy to immediately put it into action to better illustrate our ‘death by PowerPoint’ lectures. As students learn differently, the video format brings another method to increase learning potential in our students. The scenario sections, followed by Dr. Katz’s play-by-play narration, help to drive home relevant points. It appears that there are no ‘protocols’ being used, which is perfect for us, as we don’t teach specific protocols, but rather a selection of available treatments from which their future medical directors will decide. If you’re looking for a vote, Medic Monthly is the best product I’ve seen for supplemental use in the classroom.”

Captain Malcolm Bomford, Lead Instructor, Palm Beach Community College, Florida

“I am the associate professor and department chair for the EMS Academy at Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida. We have been using the Medic Monthly series going on 2 years now. My approach towards EMS education is on active learning. The videos enable me to first lecture on a topic, then discuss it, and then the video gives the student a chance to see how a call of that nature would actually unfold. We then have ‘answer the call,’ which is where we have the students and instructors simulate an actual call. These methods have proven extremely successful in our program. Without the ability to actually SEE a call unfold, and the instructional commentary by Dr. Katz, I don’t see how they might tackle these very real common, difficult types of calls.”

Mary Kelley, RN/EMT-P, Associate Professor/Department Chair, Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth, FL

“The Medic Monthly series has been very well received by the troops! The dynamic format holds their attention and the topics are current for today’s pre-hospital provider.”

Robert Moreland III, EMS Division Chief, Delray Beach Fire Rescue

“The Medic Monthly video tapes have been a great addition to our existing training. Our EMTs and Paramedics have a more complete continuing education program, which improves their ability to treat injuries and ill members of our community.”

Joe Gulotta, Deputy Chief, Tucson FD

“In the past, getting these guys to training was like pulling Saddam out of his spider hole. Now they ask for the Medic Monthly. This has been an enormous time saver for me and great training for the crews at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Fire/Rescue.”

Larry Davis, Paramedic/EMS Battalion Chief SGS-322, Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL

“From day one, the Medic Monthly videos have provided current, realistic, and action-packed EMS training for our members. The videos are short and to the point, which is really appreciated by all firefighters in general. The training provided holds your attention and has been exceptional to date. You can’t go wrong by utilizing this training venue to supplement your required paramedic CEUs”

Frank Zugan, Captain, Shaker Heights FD, Shaker Heights, OH

“As an EMS educator for my department, I have seen countless ideas come and go regarding an offsite training system that is both practical and user friendly. In the past, the fire service has seen television training series and recorded video tape, as well as some digital media. However, [EMS1 Academy] has accomplished what others just talk about; a true interactive and time manageable training system. The online education series provides our employees with a comprehensive training experience… Furthermore, the system provides pretesting and streaming video (instead of video tape), as well as post-testing and administrator interaction. Additionally, you can customize your department’s website and track how your staff is doing over the Internet. What a great investment!”

Greg Hunt, EMS Director, Sugar Creek Township FD, New Palestine, IN

“As an EMS coordinator, I appreciate the many benefits that Medic Monthly offers our personnel. It is convenient for them to sit down in their station, view a video, and do a quiz as their schedule permits. They are also able to apply their CEUs toward their National Registry certification requirements. The timeliness of the topics and the variety of medical emergencies keep them interested. Thank you for providing EMS personnel with a fun and easy way to accomplish some of their monthly training goals.”

Rebecca Haro, EMS Coordinator, Sun City West, AZ

“The Medic Monthly series offers our field personnel timely, relevant, and entertaining continuing education on their schedule. As our requests for service increase, bringing crews together for training becomes more burdensome and stretches our resources to the maximum. Medic Monthly, with the availability of its online training center, has allowed our units to remain in their first-due areas, complete relevant continuing education, and utilize what would otherwise be downtime to train. The crews like the material and have been nothing but complimentary on the quality of the topics presented in a clear, concise, and entertaining format. Bravo on a job well done.”

Robert Staples, EMS Division Chief, City of Deltona Department of Fire and Rescue, Deltona, FL

“I have really enjoyed your Medic Monthly series. As a volunteer FF/EMT, it is often hard for me to get my continuing education, at least things that count towards renewal. This is especially true for National Registry credits. As a scientist in real life, I have taken many other online training courses, and most are less than adequate. [EMS1 Academy’s] online classes are extremely well done, enjoyable, interactive, and are excellent learning and refresher opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed [EMS1 Academy’s] online training and would highly recommend it to all EMS and firefighter professionals.”

Mike Irey, Firefighter/EMT, Chief of Plant Sciences, Hendry County, FL