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EMT Interactive – BLS Refresher

Developed by Jones and Bartlett Learning, EMS1 Academy’s 12th edition EMT Interactive program is based on the National EMS Education Standards and the 2020 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) and incorporates the latest evidence-based medical concepts aligned to current prehospital medicine standards. Concepts of teamwork, communication, and empathy are woven throughout, challenging students to become more compassionate, conscientious health care professionals as well as skilled clinicians.

Consisting of 41 online modules and over 30 hours of CEU, the EMT Interactive courses are CAPCE approved.

EMT Interactive

Course Name Length
Module 1: EMS Emergencies 45m
Module 2: Workforce Safety & Wellness 1h45m
Module 3: Medical, Legal & Ethical Issues 45m
Module 4: Communications & Documentation 1h
Module 5: TBD  
Module 6: The Human Body 1.5h
Module 7: Life Span Development 30m
Module 8: Lifting & Moving Patients 1h
Module 9: The Team Approach to Health Care 30m
Module 10: Patient Assessment 2h
Module 11: Airway Management 2h30m
Module 12: Principles of Pharmacology 45m
Module 13: Shock 45m
Module 14: BLS Resuscitation 1h
Module 15: Medical Overview 45m
Module 16: Respiratory Emergencies 1h30m
Module 17: Cardiovascular Emergencies 1h15m
Module 18: Neurological Emergencies 1h
Module 19: Gastrointestinal & Urologic Emergencies 45m
Module 20: Endocrine & Hematologic Emergencies 1h
Module 21: Allergy and Anaphylaxis 30m
Module 22: Toxicology 1h15m
Module 23: Behavioral Health Emergencies 45m
Module 24: Gynecologic Emergencies 30m
Module 25: Trauma Overview 45m
Module 26: Bleeding 30m
Module 27: Soft Tissue Injuries 1h30m
Module 28: Face & Neck Injuries 1h
Module 29: Head & Spine Injuries 1h15m
Module 30: Chest Injuries 45m
Module 31: Abdominal & Genitourinary Injuries 45m
Module 32: Orthopaedic Injuries 1h30m
Module 33: Environmental Emergencies 1h30m
Module 34: Obstetrics and Neonatal Care 1h15m
Module 35: Pediatric Emergencies 2h15m
Module 36: Geriatric Emergencies 1h45m
Module 37: Patients with Special Challenges 45m
Module 38: Transport Operations 1h
Module 39: Vehicle Extrication & Special Rescue 45m
Module 40: Incident Management 1h15m,
Module 41: Terrorism Response & Disaster Management 1h

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