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EMS1 Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using EMS1 Academy?

Keeping personnel on track with their CEU requirements and managing training can be a big challenge for EMS agencies. EMS1 Academy provides a large library of accredited courses, advanced credential management, and progress reporting so that administrators can easily keep their first responders compliant.

Courses are physician-directed and presented on a web-based platform with modern technology. The topics are current and critical to the EMS professional, and all the material is produced by recognized leaders in EMS education.

Is EMS1 Academy accredited?

Yes, EMS1 Academy is organizationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE, formerly CECBEMS), which is the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses. With few exceptions, their stamp of approval is recognized in most states for licensure re certification of first responders, EMTs, and paramedics.* View our accreditation page for more details.

*EMS1 Academy makes no representations or warranties as to whether the program meets the specific licensing requirements for any individual state. EMS1 Academy encourages its students to independently research the licensing requirements in any state in which they intend to seek or renew licensure.

Are CAPCE-approved courses accepted in all states?

Protocols for the acceptance of CAPCE-approved courses can vary widely by state. To review the information posted for your state, visit our Accreditation page for a full listing.

Can I use your courses to renew my National Registry license?

Continuing education hours earned through EMS1 Academy can be applied toward both the standard recertification requirements as well as towards the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).

The allowable hours earned via online education toward recertification varies by provider level.

What is the maximum number of hours the National Registry will accept for online continuing education?

For the latest requirements, please contact the National Registry for current information regarding online continuing education hours for re-certification at

What is the connection between EMS1 Academy and Jones & Bartlett Learning?

EMS1 Academy and Jones & Bartlett Learning have a limited exclusive agreement that provides EMS1 Academy’s Fire & EMS students the opportunity to access Jones & Bartlett courses via EMS1 Academy’s online Learning Management System (LMS).


Do you offer group rates? Is there a volume discount for large departments?

EMS1 Academy provides special rates for departments, as well as reduced rates for agencies that are members of groups or associations with whom we’re partnered. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo at 800.671.9411 (toll-free).

Can I monitor the progress of my students?

Yes. Our managerial function dynamically displays information for the EMS agency manager. Call EMS1 Academy at 800.671.9411 (toll-free) for a web presentation.

How does my department get featured in Medic Monthly?

Only Medic Monthly customers are featured in the Medic Monthly modules. If your agency wants to be featured, please forward a request to

Can I talk to some of your current clients about how they use the program?

Please visit the testimonials page and review the many testimonials from our clients all over the country. If you need further information, please call our office at 800.671.9411 (toll-free).


Who developed the content for the eACLS™ course?
eACLS™ was developed by Jones and Bartlett Publishers, and the medical content is provided by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). It is designed to meet the international training guidelines for advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). ACEP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.
Who can teach the eACLS™ course?
The didactic portion of the course does not require an instructor. All of the content normally covered through instructor lectures in a traditional ACLS refresher course is covered via the eACLS™ interactive online program. The only “instructors” needed are for the eACLS™ skills stations. These instructors are selected by the agency or site’s eACLS™ Course Coordinator, and they must have adequate knowledge and be capable of evaluating and verifying course users’ skills competence.
What are the eACLS™ Course Coordinator’s qualifications?
Becoming an eACLS™ Course Coordinator is not difficult. An individual must meet the following prerequisites/qualifications:

  • Be a physician (MD or DO), registered nurse, nurse practitioner, advanced practice nurse, physician assistant, or paramedic with a strong background in advanced cardiac life support, as well as an ability to coordinate ACLS education/training at their institution.
  • Complete the eACLS™ Online Training Center Agreement, which requires the identification of the person who will act as Course Coordinator.
  • Have documented experience in conducting/coordinating advanced cardiac life support training for hospital and pre-hospital personnel.
  • Have an understanding and a working knowledge of the eACLS™ course materials, policies, and procedures.

Call EMS1 Academy at 800.671.9411 (toll-free) to get more information about becoming a Course Coordinator. We will walk you through this hassle-free process to help your agency administer its own skills testing for eACLS™.

A Course Coordinator’s status is valid for one year. To renew this status, the individual must be involved with at least one course during this period. Additional information about Course Coordinator, instructor, and medical director responsibilities can be obtained by calling the EMS1 Academy at 800.671.9411 (toll-free).

Who can administer the eACLS™ course?
Course Coordinators administer the eACLS™ course. Course Coordinators administer ACLS and other continuing education training at hospitals, colleges, universities, and EMS/fire training centers. All ACLS coordinators or medical directors with national organizations, such as AHA or ASHI, will be automatically grandfathered into this program. A Training Center Agreement must be signed. If you are interested in becoming an eACLS™ Course Coordinator or Training Center, or wish to learn more about the administrative guidelines for this program, call Kaplan Fire & EMS Training at 800.671.9411 (toll-free).
Is a medical director needed for eACLS™?
Yes, a physician is required to oversee this program. To learn more about this requirement, call EMS1 Academy at 800.671.9411 (toll-free).

Learning Management System (LMS)

Can I upload my own content or courses to the LMS?

Yes, you can upload documents like Adobe PDF’s, PowerPoint, Word documents, and videos using the Custom Courses Tool. You can then add pre and post-tests to those documents to create a full length course.

Can I track training we do either hands on at the station or that we receive through the local community college?

Yes, you can use the Offline Training tool to assign credit for courses and track training completed outside of the EMS1 Academy platform. This includes skills checks, courses completed at the community college, training at the station, CEU earned at conferences and more.

With all the functionality that EMS1 Academy offers, is there a way to create a role where access to features is limited?

Yes, you can easily manage system access through our User and Organization Admin roles. You can also create custom groups (shift, rank, unit) and assign appropriate group owners. This allows system administrators to tier account responsibility to other trustworthy individuals as needed.

Can I share documents with other departments or agencies using the EMS1 Academy system?

A: Yes, you can use the Community Courses option to upload your own files and documents. You can choose to share those resources at the State or National level.

What are the system requirement for watching online videos?

Complete system requirements can be found on our Desktop Computer Requirements fact sheet.

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