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Dispatch Communications for EMS

Dispatch plays a critical role in emergency response. Provide your dispatchers with informative courses to enhance their knowledge of 911 communications, emergency response systems, and EMS dispatch.

Course Name Course Description Length
Radio Communications for EMS Proper radio communication is crucial for implementing effective responses to emergencies. In this training block we will discuss closed looped communication, radio communications, and how to effectively communicate using radios that have repeaters. 1h
Radio Communications: Part 1 After watching this video, the viewer will be able to explain why polite phrases are not used on the radio and explain the importance of closed loop communications. 5m
Radio Communications: Part 2 After watching this video, the viewer will be able to explain why we should always try to use plain English when communicating over the radio and why it is important for you to manage your tone when communicating with a radio. 5m

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