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Airway Management

Airway management is critical during emergency care. Courses like Asthma, Basic Airway Mastery, Pediatric Shortness of Breath, Wheezing, and many more will help prepare you for any situation you may encounter.

Course Name Course Description Length
Advanced Airway: Intubation There are many cases as a responder that can present challenges and airway management is just one of those. Airway issues and an inability to quickly and successfully manage a patients airway is an immediate life threat. As a provider, you must be able to understand airway anatomy, issues with the airway, perform primary and secondary assessments, perform basic and advanced airway assessments, and be able to quickly and definitively manage a secure airway. Do you have what it takes? 3h
Airway 1 This video block covers a multitude of topics, including tips on opening airways, quick intubation, how to access limited airways, non-invasive capnography, capnography in the sedated patient, as well as tracheostomies, laryngectomies, and stomas. 1h
Airway Tip for the New EMT Chris Le Baudour offers valuable advice to new EMT’s regarding patient airway management. 5m
Basic Airway Mastery The ability to effectively manage a patient’s airway can impact that patients outcome far beyond the time that prehospital providers are treating the patient. This course reviews airway management techniques applicable to both basic and advanced providers. 1h
Clinical Complications of Tracheostomy Tube In this single video, learn about the possible complications that may arise in using a tracheostomy tube. 10m
CPAP After watching this video, the learner will be able to explain why it is so important to help the patient understand the positive effects of CPAP and why it is helpful to slowly apply the CPAP mask and strap to the anxious patient. 5m
Damage Control Resuscitation Dr. Tan shares an emergency medical concept born from the military: that minimizing the use of fluid replacement in trauma patients may improve their outcomes. 15m
Flow-Safe II CPAP System In this edition of Innovation Zone, host Chris Cebollero takes a close look at the innovative Flow-Safe II disposable CPAP mask from Mercury Medical. 10m
Intubation Quick Tips Chris Cebollero presents a few simple tips to improve your chances at a successful intubation. 5m
Limited Airway Access Dr. David Tan discusses airway management options when access to a patient is limited. 10m
Lung Sounds After watching this video, the viewer will be able to explain why it is helpful to listen to many healthy lungs to help improve recognition of abnormal lung sounds and the importance of listening to lung sounds from side-to-side and not top to bottom. 5m
Nasopharyngeal Airways After watching this video, the viewer will be able to explain how an NPA can be used to open the airways while using a bag-valve-mask device and how an NPA can be used with other airway adjuncts. 5m
Replacing a Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube In this single video, a medical professional from August University demonstrates how to replace a pediatric tracheostomy tube. 15m
Respiratory This video block course covers a multitude of topics, including asthma education, flow-safe II CPAP systems, capnography and pulse oximetry, as well as cardiac wheezes. 2h
The Bag Valve Mask In this course the learner will list examples of water sources aside from the hydrant system, discuss the importance of minimizing the distance from the water source, and describe why it is so important to watch the engine very closely when drafting. 5m
Tracheotomies, Laryngectomies and Stomas Patients with tracheostomies require specific techniques for airway management. This lesson reviews basic equipment and skills for managing this patient population. 15m

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