Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders

Deaths from drug overdoses and opioid-related deaths continue to increase in the United States. Prescribed pain medications and illegally obtained synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl, Carfentanil, U-47700 and others are contributing factors to the increasing opioid crisis epidemic.

EMS1 Academy recognizes that this and other epidemics plague the country regularly, which is why we’re regularly updating our course library and providing new courses on of-the-moment topics like opioids.

In this Opioid Crisis course, first responders will learn to:

  • Identify various opioids, synthetic opioids and counterfeit medications
  • Understand the risk of exposure and how to safely administer Naloxone
  • Prevent exposure through PPE, implementation of testing protocol and safe evidence collection
  • Properly train first responders to lessen the risks associated with this crisis

Train. Track. Save Lives.

With nearly 225 full-length courses and 275 hours of CE, EMS1 Academy streamlines a series of courses and videos for agencies to educate first responders on topics like respiratory emergencies, trauma events, opioid crisis and more! To learn more about our features for offline course tracking, credential management and custom course creation, schedule a demo today!

“We have 84 squads under our medical direction, and we use EMS1 Academy to deliver the same consistent training message across our health system. We use the EMS Training to review and test our protocols to get a consistent message. We also have enrolled the fire programs… to help fulfill the need for fire training for the fire chiefs under our medical direction.”

Dan Ellenberger

Director, EMS Institute, University Hospitals EMS Training & Disaster Preparedness Institute

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