Mobile field training meets learning management system.

EMS1 Academy and EVALS join forces to offer a complete training management solution for EMS agencies.

The 1st learning platform to mobilize skills tracking.

Every training coordinator has experienced the challenges of delivering skills-based training day-to-day at their agency. With the connection of EVALS to EMS1 Academy’s platform, agencies can successfully bridge the gap between learning management and skills training. EMS trainers and coordinators will be able to address the full spectrum of their training needs, from online course delivery and credential management to tracking and documenting clinical proficiencies – all in one place.

Create a consistent and transparent training environment with:

  • Online Training: Over 225 courses, 275 CEU and features to build custom courses and track protocols.
  • Event Management: Schedule, track attendance and seamlessly run offline events.
  • Digital Task Tracker: Record and manage on-the-job training (OJT) hours and performance requirements.
  • Skills Development: Design realistic scenarios and situational evaluations.


“We have 84 squads under our medical direction, and we use EMS1 Academy to deliver the same consistent training message across our health system. We use the EMS Training to review and test our protocols to get a consistent message. We also have enrolled the fire programs… to help fulfill the need for fire training for the fire chiefs under our medical direction.”

Dan Ellenberger

Director, EMS Institute, University Hospitals EMS Training & Disaster Preparedness Institute

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