New Modular Online Courses Cater to Needs of EMS Providers

Microlearning format bundles short courses on similar topics and emphasizes the importance of video-based training. All 20 courses are CAPCE accredited for CE.

Convenient. Interactive. Comprehensive.

With the launch of the Video Series, we’re testing the boundaries of how EMS providers learn. These modular courses build upon competencies or skills and when stacked together meet accreditation needs. The result is a format that adapts to the shorter attention span of adult learners and works well with the job expectation of frequently being called out to the field. Nearly 100 video courses with tests are available, and when taken in the training block format total 30 minutes to 2 hours in length. These dynamic new courses will accompany the Medic Monthly Series and combine high-energy videos and interactive training to engage students:

  • Designed for EMTs, paramedics and first responders
  • Courses include Airway, Customer Service, Pain Management, and more
  • 24/7 online delivery to fit students’ busy schedules
  • Courses developed by leading EMS experts


“We have 84 squads under our medical direction, and we use EMS1 Academy to deliver the same consistent training message across our health system. We use the EMS Training to review and test our protocols to get a consistent message. We also have enrolled the fire programs… to help fulfill the need for fire training for the fire chiefs under our medical direction.”

Dan Ellenberger

Director, EMS Institute, University Hospitals EMS Training & Disaster Preparedness Institute

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