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Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)

With natural disasters, active shooter incidents, chemical spills, and workplace hazards, you need to be prepared for every contingency. The courses in this topic will help you to determine when and how to administer self aid and buddy aid tactically during any scenario.

Course Name Course Description Length
Downrange EMS – Critical Care When the Scene Isn’t Safe In this video, Dick Fairburn stresses the importance of extra help from firefighters or downrange EMS in the case of an active-shooter. Fairburn explains the benefits of working together as a team, and the positive effects it can have on the safety of all parties involved. Several hurdles and solutions were outlined and discussed. 10m
Medical Assessment Team In this video, Brian Blaisch, M.D., takes a look at the scenario-based training Urban Shield provides the Medical Assessment Team. 5m

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