New Featured EMS Courses in our Library!

Approved for credit through the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), EMS1 Academy has released new featured courses in our learning management system, including training on a popular issue and rising crisis in the community: Opioids.

Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders

This 1-hour course will educate you on the proper identification and knowledge of the various opioids, signs and symptoms of exposure, and immediate life-saving measures to be employed in the event of exposure are critical to saving the life of yourself or others.

Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder

In this 1-hour course you will understand how to properly identify the major mental disorders. Additionally, you will be able to identify the various classes of psychiatric medications and their uses, which will help the first responder in the identification of the type of mental illness as well as guide his or her interaction.

Return to Spontaneous Circulation (ALS/BLS)

This Medic Monthly course for ALS providers (BLS providers) presents instruction on the procedures that are necessary for treating the return of spontaneous circulation of patients in cardiac arrest.

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