EMS1 Academy recently released a new one-hour course on Medication-Resistant Pathogens (MRSA) and 23 new short video courses. To address EMS related incidents across the country, EMS1 Academy continues to create courses to help first responders learn and apply the training in everyday situations. With a subscription to EMS1 Academy’s online training system, EMS agencies gain exclusive access to some of the best training online for first responders and EMS professionals.

With more than 225 EMS courses and over 275 hours of EMS CE credit available in our online library, personnel gain access to training on-the-go, in multiple formats, to accommodate the pace of the profession. Simplify agency management and meet training compliance using features to easily track course completions, manage internal policies, create custom courses, organize credential requirements and more!

Newly Released Courses

  • Medication-Resistant Pathogens (MRSA)
  • 4 Types of Shock
  • Birth Positions & Cord Clamping
  • Clinical Complications of Tracheostomy Tube
  • Crossfit: A Fitness Program Well-Suited to EMS Professionals
  • Everyday EMS with Greg Friese: Keeping Patients Warm
  • HIPAA: Permitted Uses and Disclosures
  • Nitrous Oxide Field Unit Training
  • Remember 2 Things: Becoming a Critical Care Paramedic
  • Remember 2 Things: Becoming a Critical Care Paramedic 2
  • Remember 2 Things: Employee Turnover
  • Remember 2 Things: Exit Interviews and Employee Retention
  • Remember 2 Things: High Performance Disaster Response Teams
  • Remember 2 Things: Using Lay Providers in Disaster Situations
  • Remember 2 Things: Workplace Incentives
  • Remember 2 Things: Aggressive EMS Treatment of Sepsis
  • Remember 2 Things: Debunking Obsterical Practices
  • Remember 2 Things: Disaster Medical Teams
  • Remember 2 Things: Disaster Response
  • Replacing a Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube
  • Scenarios About Applying HIPAA in the Real World
  • Sepsis and Capnography
  • Tactical Yoga for EMS
  • Tips for Better Patient Assessment

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